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One of my crown jewels (the right one) seems to be a little sensitive after I've cycled.

I've been to the doc and had anti biotics and that cured it, or was it that I was on holiday and missing my bike?

I expect it is circulation or something.

I always wear padded shorts when on my bikes, the MTB seems OK (Has a Spez BG saddle)

I have a 2007 Allez Sport, which I think is great, just wondering weather anyone else has had this.

I'm starting to think I need to change the saddle, or would better shorts help?

Anyones help with this is greatly appreciated



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  • dudi
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    i get this sometimes, n my right one too... it's affected by the type of outer shorts I wear, which "side i'm dressing on" and what type of underwear I am wearing.

    the worst would be dressing to the right, loose underwear and non-stretchy shorts.

    the best would be underwear so supportive that you're not dressing to either side and stretchy outer shorts (lycra).

    basically while you ride, your thigh rolls the right one up and down very slightly, and if this is against the seam of an un-forgiving short, then it eventualy gets very very tender.

    relaxes afer a day or so and gets back to normal.

    My suggestion would be to get some lycra shorts for the road bike (if you haven't already) and try and get some cycle-specific underwear.. I got some padded boxers from Polaris, and they're excellent at keeping everything where it should be... something which is highly recommended when wearing lycra, as you dont want to scare the natives.

    Hope this helps

  • Rich Hcp
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    I've got various lycra shorts, I'll try the Bib ones for a while, they may offer better support.

    I've ordered some bib tights for the winter, maybe they will be better.

    Thanks for your help

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  • Bib shorts are good. Plus you cant tuck little duckiciao under the brace on your shoulder;)
  • Your problem isnt an uncommon one, and could be as simple as the saddle being a couple of milimetres too high. Your local bike shop should be able to check this for you
  • Rich Hcp
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    Just been out for an hour and everything was fine.

    Beautiful sunny morning, fantasic.

    Nothing numb! Although it seems quite cold!

    I'll have to take care how I 'dress' for cycling, we'll see how things go.

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