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Truvativ ISOflow

mustryharder07mustryharder07 Posts: 20
edited October 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
Hello all,

It's my first post on here so please be gentle........

I have a GT Avalanche with a Truvativ ISOflow crank set up. I have read that the bottom bracket on these works itself loose.. Is this correct? Or is this just a one off on my bike?

What I would like to know is which BB tool to buy. The Shimano one (which on Wiggle looks right) or the Truvativ/Shimano Hollowtech one?

Any help is greatly appreciated.




  • NoclueNoclue Posts: 503
    I've never heard about these working themselves loose and i've owned two bikes with those cranks, both splined and tapered, the tool you need to fit and remove the BB is a standard ISIS BB tool NOT the shimano hollowtech OR octalink ones i have a race face one that i got from Evans for around a fiver, if you need to use this then you'll need to remove the cranks as well and for this you'll need a crank extractor, remember if you have the powerspline version then you'll need the square taper crank remover rather than a standard splined one, your LBS should be able to help you out with the right tools.
  • Thanks very much for the reply. Had a nightmare with it today. Took it to a LBS and they couldn't get the pedal arm bolts out. Have got to wait until next weekend to take it to the shop I got it from to get it sorted.

    Oh well, looks like finding another form of exercise for the week.....
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