Fork/Bike Dilemma

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Does anyone know whether the Rock Shox Tora 302 is any better that a Marzocchi MZ Race fork?

My mate's got £500 to spend and he's been offered a Rockhopper 08 with Avid Juicy 5 upgrade (very nice I thought, not that I'm the expert). This one's got the Tora 302 fork on it. But there's also a new Merlin Malt 1 going with MZ Race forks on it for £450 + pedals (so £470 then). More stuff on it but not sure if frames any better and definitely not sure about the forks. Both Forks retail at roughly the same price, and they're both spring loaded. I had some MZ comps a few years ago and found them a bit rattley (see the technical terms being used here...). It's always a trade off at this price and for the sake of sanity I've narrowed it down to the fork being the deciding factor.

He's not planning to upgrade in the near future as he's already blowing the bank on this. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.




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    I would have thought that the tora was a much better fork
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    Hi jamie

    I had Marzocchi and not really found it a problem - My friend had rock shock tora's on his specialized fsr and loved them -- found this little piece of information on the net not sure if is the same spec but kinda says it all really!!

    Rock Shox Tora 302 U-Turn 2008

    Bought these to replace a damged set of Marzocchi mx comps, and the difference is amazing. Really takes the sting out of rocky sections and singletrack but on the road locked out they run a treat....Oh and they look cool as well not that that would influence any of us ;-)

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    Hi there,

    Thanks very much for the advice. It's been a bit of a minefield. Having checked a few bikes today I think those Tora's are a bit deceptive. I've had a route around and found out the 318 is heaps better than the 302. On the Rockhopper it was a 302, there was no U-turn, so not really that plush (to me anyway. I mean I'm no pro...).

    After checking out the Carrera Fury (with plush Tora 318 - for £370 if bought on halfords' t'internet - what a steal!) finding out the sizes didn't fit (there's no justice in this world) we went for the '08 Rockhopper with the 302 anyway for £500. Reasoning was the frame's good, and sales dude couldn't find the Juicy 5 brakes so he gave us Juicy 7's instead. Good salesman that. But I really don't think the fork is much better than the MZ race, though it may be once it beds in/settles a bit. Hope so. Part of me thinks maybe we should have checked out the Malt 1 again, as you get a lot more bits and bobs (Deore Groupset for instance) + Magura Julie brakes and handbuilt wheels, but my mate seems happy enough.

    But thanks again for your input, much appreciated.

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