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trail name

Tony06Tony06 Posts: 311
edited November 2007 in The Crudcatcher
any ideas sort of dh lots of corners fast flowy stuff??


  • fabienno1fabienno1 Posts: 406
    Ummm... Pardon?
    I don't think I've seen a more vague post. Even for the sandbox.
    Are you naming a local track or trying to think of one that already exists?

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  • Tony06Tony06 Posts: 311
    nam,ing a local track that me and a few mates have built need a bit of inspiration...
  • I'm guessing it's on a hill, so something like 'Hillside' would do. That's how our 'Riverside' trails got named.

    To be honest, most DH courses are named after their nearest town.
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  • hastingshastings Posts: 206
    or you could call it the first thing that comes into your head or something totally crazy

    like calling them the doodleduck trails is an example
  • ddoogieddoogie Posts: 4,159
    Acid trip
    S-works Stumpjumper FSR

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  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,207
    ddoogie wrote:
    Acid trip

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  • something like snakes trail
    the retarded company wont deliver the parts i need my rockhoppers out of it for a while....
  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    'my trail that starts at the top of the hill, and ends at the bottom'.

  • grommetgrommet Posts: 636
    my local dh trail is in a place called bluebell woods. Funny thing really as there are no bluebells...
  • if its fast and conery call it spooky what ever you do dont name it the little trail that lost it way thats mine
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  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 6,401
    The Death Trail of Doom and Despair! :D
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Local one in our woods is Helter Skelter
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    edited November 2007
    Think of an event that has happened on the trail while building or riding or maybe a local legend /myth/ joke.
    make it personal to the trail.
    you have to ride it to be able to name it.

    /edit exactly like that below actually!!
  • terraterra Posts: 32
    We've got a Helmet Breaker Hill and a Fingerbender Bank, both self-explanatory really :lol:
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