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what chain device would fit a full suspension land rover G4, triple chainring, 42T derailleur i dont know if that info will be of any use but its on there if u need it


  • crazykonacrazykona Posts: 109
    well you would have to lose that outer ring as a start as chain guides only run on a middle ring, or sometimes a middle and inner ring.

  • pashdpashd Posts: 25
    is it an easy job 2 remove it and sort out the gears or would u recommend i go and get it dun at a bkie shop
  • depends which rings e.t.c. you want to use, both are simple enough though. Do you just want a single ring up front or 2, if 2 then which 2? What kind of riding do you want to do and what is your budget?
  • pashdpashd Posts: 25
    i want 2 ring the smallest and the middle. i do general mountain biking jumps a bit of downhill and my budget can is anything up to £120
  • maybe something like this?

    and then its a simple case of adjusting the limiting screw on your front mech
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