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Kirroughtree - If you live in Scotland you must try this!!!

BetabobBetabob Posts: 11
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I am a huge fan of the routes at Ae Forest, Mabie and Dalbeattie which I visit at least once a month when I'm in the Dumfries area and they are all great routes.

My local is Glentress where the red route is tremendous fun if you can cope with the 20-30min of dull fire track sections before you reach the final ascent to spooky wood... from there on it is really good.

My favorite however, has to go to one that I tried for the first time last weekend - the awesome 31km red/black route at Kirroughtree... wow! Right from the car park you hit really interesting climbs with a good mix of leg work and technical features reminiscant of those you'd find at Dalbeattie. From there the fun really begins as you flow through some quick winding sessions with frequent granite features to keep you on your toes and some really quite tricky/intimidating step ups and chutes.

Once you finish all but the last section of the red route you have the option of heading on to the black trail... if you are tired and have sore legs by this point I recommend leaving the black until next time! Having said that, the majority of the black route is at high level red grade difficulty with only a handful of proper black grade features. These features cannot really be avoided unless you get off the bike and walk them, so for maximum enjoyment get the shin/elbow pads on and have a pop!

There are some truly evil feature available for the talented among you to try. The most notable of which is McMoab which in itself took me 20 mins! This is primarily because it requires skills akin to trials riding, and frankly I ain't that good! If you have the balance and bike control for it I'm certain you'll rave about this section.

I could go on and on (as if I hadn't already) but I can sum it up with 1 line -

You must get the bikes on the rack, drive to Ayrshire and thank me for the tip afterwards!

Happy biking,


  • i quite agree i am going for the second time on sunday i just hope the weathr's better than last time
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  • Steve_FSteve_F Posts: 682
    Wasn't a big fan of McMoab, not my style of riding (plus my bike brokw at that point and I had to limp back with a broken seat post!

    The rest of it is awesome, my local is 'tress too and i loved Kirroughtree. The black bit is soooooo good, some of the drop offs up the top section just appear from nowhere and chuck you straight off. Can't wat to try it again next year!
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  • WoodywmbWoodywmb Posts: 888
    Not in Ayrshire, Betabob. Newton Stewart, Dumfries & Galloway.
  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    About the only 7 Stane i've not been to. Must take a trip down sometime! On another completely unreleated note has anyone been to the Mabie jump park? (was under construction when I was there last)
  • Steve_FSteve_F Posts: 682
    Haven't tried any of the stuff over at Mabie. Will need to get back over that neck of the woods next year.
    Current steed is a '07 Carrera Banshee X
    + cheap road/commuting bike
  • ivancarlosivancarlos Posts: 1,034
    Agree re. Kirroughtree. Although McMoab is pish. One for trials riders on big bouncy bikes I think.

    Mabie has a double diamond black run called the Kona Darkside. Can't comment for reasons hinted at in the statement above though.
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  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    Darkside is indeed rubbish. It didn't help I have no trials skills and was on the Patriot bouncing about (could've done with rigid!). I also snapped a rear mech/bent mech hanger there :(
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    Just to go the complete polar opposite, I hated Kirroughtree and I'm never EVER going back :evil: . If I want to feel like I've been in a plane crash, I'll, err...go and crash a plane. Give me CYB and Llandegla any day of the week.
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