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Freeride in south downs/west sussex area

TheRZBMTheRZBM Posts: 11
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I live by Chichester in west sussex, and I'm thinking about some freeride if I get a new bike, I'm just wondering what is there to ride round Chichester and west sussex. I would be interested in some freeride routes and maybe some more downhill orientated routes with jumps and drops (suitable for a very competent beginner lol). I have seen some stuff about it that a friend has shown me but can't seem to find the website again. I just want to know that there is stuff in the local area to ride if I did get a suitable bike, as I'm 15 I would have to get a lift up to these routes so they need to be around the Chichester GoodWood area, if not some in the whole of West Sussex or Hampshire that are good and worth getting my dad to drive me lol. Thanks.


  • hambomanhamboman Posts: 512
    I grew up in Chichester and the routes around the South Downs are ok but not exactly challenging or mind blowing. you won't get many drop offs.

    Head to the North Downs, around Dorking. Leith Hill. It's an hour on the train or less than that by car. Bonza!
  • g7tg7t Posts: 2
    I'm looking for local rides around the Eastbourne / south downs / East Sussex area and the only place i have found so far on the net is

    I'm a beginner though so chalk single track and getting up the hills round here will be a challenge!

    If anyone has any local links, clubs, groups or knowledge it'd help a lot as I'm turning blanks on the net. I must remember to ask at the shop next time i drop in!

    have fun

    PS - just found this... searchable data base of routes rated by difficulty.

    PPS - the Forestry commission link is rubbish - Sussex doesn't even feature in their list despite there being Friston up the road managed by them and having approved cycle routes!
  • GeorgebGeorgeb Posts: 315
    Try having a look on have a look around and you might be able to find something.
    Also have a look at There more based around the portsmouth petersfield areas, but i know there supposed to be a dh track in rogate, nr petersfield.

    These may be to far away but at least its something.
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