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what pants do cyclists wear for going to work in winter, i was thinking of getting some bib tights to wear for long winter rides, but they might be too hot to wear at work all day


  • peanut
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    you can get tights without the bib bit but they are still going to be damn hot to work in all day.Can you not leave some pants at work to change into ?
    Alternatively use shorts with lycra leg warmers that you can remove
  • You wear shorts all day at work after cycling in them? Thats slightly... ewwww
  • giant_man
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    You don't wear 'pants' with bib tights. You would chafe to buggary.

    You either get bib tights without an insert and wear 'shorts' underneath for padding, or you go for bib tights with an insert - problem solved! Take some jogging bottoms for your day at work.
  • fizz
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    I leave a pair of jeans and work shoes under my desk at work and then cart shirt and underwear in and out of work each day.