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Hi there
does anybody know if the DHB bike boxes on is any good???


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    A friend has the Roof Box Bike Safe Bike Case at £256.50. All you need to do is take the wheels off the bike. She thinks it's great and has flown to Europe with it many times. It's roomy enough to also take a lot of your kit like clothes, helmet and shoes.

    I've used a hard case similar to the DHB where I had to remove the pedals, wheels, seat post and rear derailleur. All these items had to be packed carefully in the box and while the dismantling isn't too difficult is does take some time and has to be done at both ends of the trip - which I found slightly tedious.

    If I were to buy my own box I'd be tempted to get the more expensive one...

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  • Has anybody got any opinions on the Polaris Bike Pod?
  • I have the dhb one and have used it a couple of times to transport my mtb to Greece and Spain with damage to the bike. I just put all my gear in it and wheeled it to the oversize section of Heathrow and collected on arrival.

    So it works fine for purpose - just a little large to store!
  • whoops meant NO damage to the bike!
  • whoops meant NO damage to the bike!

    Great topic, not wanting to hijack but related...
    I'm in the market too. and was considering the DHB. has anyone used budget airlines (namely easyjet) and experienced masive transit costs

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    used easyjet this year with the bike in a poly bag, no problems on checkin and the bike had suffered no damage atall. Saved myself a bunch of money, and don't need to find storage space at home for a box I would of only used once a year.