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new top and shorts

lugsey2k5lugsey2k5 Posts: 960
edited October 2007 in XC and Enduro
im after some new shorts pref padded ones and a new top. more of a summer type as i have dencent base layers i can ware with it, jus grew out my current 1.
tooking at £20-30 for the top and £20- £40 for shorts.
have been to local bike shop but they dont have a great rang either naff ones or royal racing ones at £60 a pop
any help much aprriciated


  • Dan67Dan67 Posts: 658
    What style are you wanting baggy or racing tight?
  • lugsey2k5lugsey2k5 Posts: 960
    sorry yer baggy shorts and a lose top not skin tight but not dh jersey
  • Noel PTNoel PT Posts: 627
    I got a pair of these mate. Might not be everyones taste but they work well for me. ... g%20Shorts
  • Dan67Dan67 Posts: 658
    Shorts go for Endura Humvee
    Top this looks pretty cool
  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
    I can second the Endura Humvee's they're great and you can get extra inners too.

    I got a couple of decent tops out of the Bargin bin @ halfords, Bicycle Line ones, breathable and windproof to a point, long sleeve, zip on the front for extra cooling and I only paid £9 each 8)
  • I know it's not what you want but for those who like lycra it's nice and cheap with a good selection
  • lugsey2k5lugsey2k5 Posts: 960
    chears was looking at the hummvee's. so do they have a liner as my current shorts dont and they get uncomfortable. dunno if its my boxers or the shorts.
    still on the hunt for a new top
  • lugsey2k5lugsey2k5 Posts: 960
    just bought the northwave plate 3 jersey (£29) had to get xxl!!!!!!! realy small sizes im normaly a large.
    and think im going to order the hummvee shorts online in a min
    thanks for the help
  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
    lugsey2k5 wrote:
    chears was looking at the hummvee's. so do they have a liner as my current shorts dont and they get uncomfortable. dunno if its my boxers or the shorts.
    still on the hunt for a new top

    Yeah they have a removeable liner for ease of cleaning and the fact if the outers aren't dirty (yeah right) you can wear them again with a fresh liner.

    They have a coolmax pad on them too :)
  • lugsey2k5lugsey2k5 Posts: 960
    hell again
    still not bought shorts been a bit busy.
    was looking at these Endura Singletrack Shorts 2007 ... elID=13217
    are they padded and do they have a liner
  • You will need to buy a seperate liner.If you can try them on somewhere before you buy,as I hear the sizing can be a bit weird.
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  • lugsey2k5lugsey2k5 Posts: 960
    yer just read teh reviews n they say sizing is weird and there is no were around here realy to try them my lbs doesnt stock them
  • lugsey2k5lugsey2k5 Posts: 960
    got another question if any 1 can help.
    went to leeds yesterday and spotted evans cycles so went in and tryied on some endura shorts. not sure which 1s just watned to check the sizeing. i tryed a large which were fine round the waist and lenght wise but the liner seems very big. the padding was no were near my crown jewles. is this suposed to be like that or was it just a weird size. i am very tall and skinny so have to get bigger sizes to have the lenght
    thanks for any help
  • lanky85lanky85 Posts: 82
    yo mate!
    im 6ft6 and 34" waist...
    i just yesterday bought some endura single track shorts ... elID=13217
    i bought them as 34" - 36" XL... cos like you like things long... and although they are a bit baggy on the censored they have good straps etc for the waist fit nice and length is great.

    i also bought some endura cycle shorts to go underneath with paddin in.. both combined give my tush a nice comfy ride lol!:D

    just need some full finger gloves next!
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