Road buzz

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I have just started cycling again after a few months layoff due to elbow problems and hand numbness.
I ride only on the road and am at the moment am using a mtb which gives me a nice upright postion taking some weight off my hands. The bike is fitted with a RockShox J1 fork and the tyres I use are Continental Travel Contact 26 x 1.75" touring tyres . My question is whether the suspension fork will help reduce road buzz or would I be as well fitting a cromo fork such as a Kona Project 2. I typically ride between 40-60 miles on reasonable road surfaces.


  • whyamihere
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    The fork won't do anything against road buzz, as the vibrations aren't big enough to activate the suspension. The steel fork would probably do more for you, and maybe fatter grips.
  • Zendog1
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    You could try the MTB section for a better response (editiing out the roadie bits obviously).