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'Avoiding Europe' coming to an end...

PercycpPercycp Posts: 230
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Hi all

About a month left on the road for me this year - I`m hoping to get back through Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands by the end of October.

Since I last posted, from Greece, I`ve come through Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

My surprise recommendation from the last month or so is that Romania is a great place to tour - traffic isn`t too bad, especially if you stick to the little roads (although you do lose some surface quality then), the countryside is amazing, the way of life is just a million miles from a lot of the rest of Europe and the towns are really nice, very neat and well kept, decent food, good hotels, nice beer etc etc. Hungary is ok too, even neater, if you don`t mind ignoring No Cycling signs on a lot of the roads. I got into and out of Budapest without any problems at all.

Usual blogations and stuff here:

Map here:


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