I can't see for kilometres and kilometres

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Please can we have a miles distance option on the routes? I know I should probably be able to work it out, but I'm British and my odo is in miles, plus it's good enough for the highways agency, the Who, the government and all non-tour de france aficionados.

I know it took three of you guys over an hour to mount that Halfords car rack (Cycling Plus - it took me five minutes on the first go), and that you're probably also the reason they put velcro on cycling shoes, but I'm sure you can CSS/HTML up an extra search filter.

Seriously though, it's a great site - as an ex-Future employee it's come a long way since my days on MBUK / CP! Also good to see you at Earls Court today. If you're interested in buying an article on my recent 300-mile adventure around Holland then let me know!


  • whyamihere
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    Go onto one of the routes, and click the option for miles under the route information on the left. Then, when you click on routes again, all of them will be in miles.