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Gran Canaria - Pico Las Neives!

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Going on family Holiday to Gran Canaria next year...taking my bike as per normal.

This year I did Tenerife and loved it...Mount Teide and Masca and such monuments.

This year im going to try the Pico las Nieves climb in Gran Canaria from the Notorious Carrazel side.

has anyone did this...roughly 1900 meters climb in 27kms...with gradients upto 23%...ive seen reports indicating its equal toughest climb in Spain alongside the Angliru..any truth in that?

Also doing the climbs to Fataga etc..

Any info welcome


  • ASC1951ASC1951 Posts: 992
    I went there a couple of years ago, Richy, for a week's cycling. Great choice, better than Tenerife IMO.
    I did Pico de los Nieves three times - all the roads tend to end up there! - and didn't find it particularly desperate except the route via La Passadella and Cazadores, which after a very long ride the day before I found unrideable in parts, being no racing snake.

    The 'very long ride' was a circuit of the island, 121 miles from my base in Aiguimes and still one of the best day rides I've ever done anywhere. Excellent surfaces, lots of climbing, stunning sea cliffs and even some compulsory (and legal) motorway.

    I can email you my itinerary if it would help plan your week.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Thanks ASC1951, id like to see your intinery...sorry for the late reply but im just back from Holiday in Spain.

    Im treating this family 'holiday' with utter respect...Tenerife this year was no laughing matter...serious stuff and Gran Canaria dont look any easier :shock:

    Yes indeed...the serious climb to Pico Las Neives is through La Passadella...looks to be on a very small backroad...but having 23% gradients thrown into a 1900meter climb dont sound nice :wink: you dont see the road at all on large Gran Canaria Road maps...the pictures of the roads upto fataga etc look outstanding....any info at all on places to refuel etc would be most helpful...especially on that small road up through La Passadella ...dont think i'll make it without being able to stop somewhere...especially in 27oC heat....

    I'll send you on my email address through this message form thingy...anything you got would be very appreciated. Cheers for the help.

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