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Hi all,

New to mountain biking...

What do I need with regards shoes and pedals? At the moment the bike has bmx style pedals. Will this do for now or do I need cleats?

I've tried to do a a search on this, but got a little more confused. What are clips? Are these the old style clips .... are these a bit dangerous, as you can't release your foot?

I'm doing the Grizedale north face trail tomorrow, so haven't really got time to buy cleats/shoes/pedals - will I be ok on the bmx style pedals? I think I got some old style clip/pedals I could put on, would these be better for now?

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi mate

    A new commer as well, been riding for a couple of months, i just ride on flat pedals, i dont like being tied in.
    And as shoes go i just ride in some old Nike running shoes as there waterproof & light.
    I think it's down to style of riding you do & how you feel with the riding.

    I'm not too sure what the clip system is or how it works but it's a similar to cleats how they actually tie your feet to the pedals.
    Arrrghhh it's worse than i thought!!!!!
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    Try searching a little more, there's loads here :wink:

    For MTB, clipless pedals have a retaining mechanism of some kind. They come with cleats that you attach to your shoes. Simply press the cleats into the pedals and they clip in... twist your foot a little to un-clip. Some brands (eg Shimano) have tension adjustment so that you can make it easier to unclip. Others (such as Crank Bros) don't and have a fixed tension.
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    Many thanks for the replies

    It does beg the question..... why are they called 'clipless' pedal? :roll:
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    I often wonder that.

    Silly idea these things are sent to confuse the newbies lol

    works on me
    Arrrghhh it's worse than i thought!!!!!
  • Clipless pedals are so called because the old style racing pedal retention system was called "clips and straps" The clip being the part your toes fitted into and the strap which secured your foot to the pedal.

    So, no toe clip in the cleat retention system = clipless pedals!
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    hey mate 8)

    Let me know if you need any mtb info. I've got enough for most people :oops:

    We often go out riding so give me a bell if you fancy a ride out.

    I've got loads of spares so if you want to have a try with spuds (clipless pedals) then let me know.

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    Clipless pedals tend to get a lot of bad press from people that have never used them and have the impression that you are shackled to the bike.

    The truth is most people that use them feel connected with the bike and gives you more confidence when riding rough ground at speed.
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    You will be absolutely fine on the North Face on flat pedals in trainers.

    It's much more important that you wear a helmet and take water :D

    You're gonna LOVE IT!
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