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Need a new front light, have had a Cateye halogen for years, lots of country lanes round here, I need something that I can see with and not just be seen, is there something out there for me? my budget is around £20

All suggestions gratefully received!


  • Bronzie
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    Think you'll struggle to find a light that actually illuminates the road surface at that price range. I think £50 is more likely to find you something that will actually allow you to see where you are going like this.

    Already quite a few "What front light?" threads in "Road Gear & Know-How", but I've not seen anyone recommend anything at the £20 price range.
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    Basically in agreement with Bronzie here - Unfortunately, the funky technology is still substantially more money.
    Halogen is still a technology used in the big-bucks lights, so you may find that forking out 20 for a new light does not produce any improvement.
    Best thing to do is take it to a shop and try your old one out against a new one - since it will at least give you a daylight comparison.

    We have a Cateye HL-135, which whilst vastly brighter than the frog/toad? incandescent lamps we had 5-8 years ago, is nowhere near as good as my main night riding light.
    For the money, it's pretty good though.

    You may be better off retro-fitting a 3W Luxeon LED bulb package, though there are heat issues involved in doing this - I'll see if I can find the website that was doing Luxeon LED retrofit bulbs for torches.
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    Similar to Bronzie's recommendation, the cheapest "to see with" lights are the Smarts, SJS Cycles have a 2 x 10w set for £35 delivered, or on their ebay store you may be able to get one for nearer £30 depending on bidding.

    There is nothing available for around £20 that will be bright enough for this use, I'm afraid.

    Alternatively I can sell you a barely used Smart 6w + 6w set, boxed, (longer run time than the 2 x 10w) set for £22 plus £5 postage if you are interested (rrp £44.95). With both lit it is plenty good enough for dark roads, with one lit it is a good light for lit roads.

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    just bought a pair of smarts 10w x 2 becuase ive readon forums therenot bad for themoney.

    Since imonly newto the sport,iwasnt going to shell out tomuch for something imight not use (even if i am planning on comuting 4/5 times a week over the winter lol, its stillplanned)

    Seen a lot of good reviews on the smart ones
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    Many thanks for the info everyone, best start saving up me pennies!!!
  • Infini Contrail, £20 from chainreaction...amazing beam for the size and price. 1watt LED, but unlike the cateyes the beam is quite well spread.

    To be totally comfortable in the dark 2 would be required, but ive done 15mph or so on unlit roads with just the one no probs.

    Read the reviews on chainreaction, most people love it.
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    I use a Basta comet IV it costs £11.00 and works a treat. I cycle 10 miles to work and much of that is over unlit roads and this light does the trick.
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