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When I did my 103 miler, I found that little chris5150 had become rather numb on the end, especially his little helmet was very numb.
The worrying thing is that it probably took 4 days or so to regain total feeling in little chris, so I googled and mooched forums to establish what the problem was.
Anyway upshot is I have now become quite worried about the damage caused to those sensitve nerves than run right where you put your bum on the saddle so have swapped to saddles with the holes down the middle to establish if that resolves the issue.
Its not somehting that had effected me before, but 6.5 hours on the bike seemed to cause it, and like I say wouldnt have been too bothered if feeling had come back an hour later, but 4 days...jeez I was worried!!
Anyone else had such issues?...some of the research done on google gave some quite frightening results!!


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    Chris5150 wrote:
    .............. I found that little chris5150 had become rather numb on the end, especially his little helmet was very numb.
    I'm not going to comment on your problem but I would like to say......................... you put that beautifully. :D

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    Only time I lost contact with the old fella for a few days was after a 25 mile TT where I was perched on the end of a Flite saddle for just over an hour - numb for 3 or 4 days after that. This was resolved by fitting a saddle with a very wide nose, so I can sit on the end of the saddle comfortably. Obviously TT aero position is an extreme one compared to normal road riding position.

    Could it be that your saddle is pointed up at the front, putting too much weight on that area? Maybe worth checking your bike setup properly to make sure you are riding in the correct position.
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    Either of the above suggestions should help, but don't forget to get out of the saddle on occasion (even if it is for only a few seconds at a time) to give blood vessels a chance to get some of the red stuff to the part that really matters :wink:

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    Im always up and out of the saddle often, thats the way I ride. My saddle is pointing down a tad too. Its nice to know Bronzie you lost contact for a few days, I have not read any other posts where someone had lost touch for a few days, I got the impression in most cases feeling came back in hours, which was why I was so concerned.
    I have done over 3000 miles since 1st April this year, and like I Say it has only been a problem on the really big ones....sub 70 miles and generally no problem at all.
    Anyway have bought one of these:- ... w%20Saddle
    Better to be safe than sorry. I think after reading a lot on the issue it makes sense that you shouldnt really rest a lot of weight for long periods on that sensitive channel that runs right where you sit. I mean its obvioulsy put there to be protected by your buttocks & pelvic bones, whenever other than biking on a perforamce saddle do you sit on it?...normally your buttocks do the work.
    Dont want little chris not to be able to make it to the party when its time for me to populate the planet with lots of chris's and christine's now do we!
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    my husband had this after his century in the summer. It seemed to go on for more than a few days though or was he just making excuses????

    He wore three pairs of cycling shorts and it still happened - probably why it happened actually. He never gets out of the seat - he thinks it makes him like miguel indurain if he can sit in the saddle forever. We have little games where he is indurain and I'm contador, out of my seat and racing past him. Oh what fun. :lol:
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    popette wrote:
    We have little games where he is indurain and I'm contador, out of my seat and racing past him. Oh what fun. :lol:
    With that sort of behaviour, Mr Popette's little popette shouldn't go numb again in a hurry!! :lol:
  • i think the female of the species must sabotage our saddles so the get some peace, they must put "things" under the leather that cuts of the circulation to our "wee" pals down there. lol !!!! :twisted:
    felix's bike

    pedal like you stole something!!!
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    I had this problem for the first time when I did 114miles in the fredwhitten challenge this year. It took two days or so before it was ok again. I have done other big runs up to and over 100 miles before and since but have not had it again even though I was using the same saddle/bike etc.

    I usually get off my bike when doing big runs for 10 mins or so and take time to get a bite of eat. I did not do this when doing the FWC and probably spent more time sitting down than out of the saddle than normal.

    I dont think it is really anything to worry about and would try a diffrent saddle to see if that makes any difference and perhaps if your not against the clock to take time off your bike every 30 miles or so and have a bite to eat and a "natural" break
    Brian B.
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    You have a problem with you position on the bike. Your saddle has to go, that's for sure. You should look at some with a cutout, but not the girl saddles with cutouts, those are way more painful. Also, look for a saddle with good platforms to put your sit bones on. If your sit bones are more spaced than average, your saddle can be simply jammed between them, with the veins and arteries that irrigate Little Chris squeezed. Not good! So you want a saddle with a wider platform and some kind of recession or cutout aligned with your nootch. Ask the guys at the shop what their policy is for saddle returns in case you're not compatible with your new acquisition. That Specialized thing sounds great. I'd never seen it.

    Second, you may have a position issue, in that you rotate your pelvis forward when leaning over the bars. That'll put all of your weight on Prince William. Again, not good. The solution could be to raise your bars a bit, but the best long-term solution is to gain flexibility in your lower back. That'll let your lean down low to cheat the wind, while keeping your sit bones on the saddle. It'll also help recruiting your lower back in your pedaling action, which will increase your power output substantially. The flexibility gain takes some time, but stretching your lower back a few minutes every day will produce noticeable results pretty quick. One great stretch for this is the yoga position sometimes called the "Snowplow". (this:

    It's brave of you to ask this question, as I've usually heard it whispered in the back of the paceline. As the response in this thread shows, it's quite common. I've suffered from this with a Velo Crossbow saddle but was lucky enough to have a coach with an eagle-eye who corrected the problem very quickly. Hope these tips help preserve your tip.
  • I had the exact same problem. No sensation for a couple of days to the extent that frequent visual inspections were required to confirm it was still attached :oops: .

    Solved the problem by buying last years model Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow for just £30 on Ebay. It's yellow, but so's the bike.
    Haven't looked back. The cutout makes a world of difference. Superb saddle.
    It's a little counterintuitive, but I find that fitting the saddle slightly nose-up is way more comfortable (we're all different I guess).
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    I will second the Specialised Body Geometry Saddles, I had the same problem with traditional saddles, swapped to the BG and I have done 150+ mile rides and I am still OK. I do tend to do hilly rides where I stand up quite a bit. ... ddle_2004_

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  • I get the same problem but it doesn't seem consistant it can be short rides or long rides and sometimes it doesn't happen for 3 or 4 rides then two on the trot, and pretty much once the ride is finished the "feeling" returns :? Judging by the above I guess this must be an issue with my riding position.
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    popette wrote:
    He wore three pairs of cycling shorts and it still happened - probably why it happened actually:

    Did he really wear three pairs of shorts at the same time? If he did I am amazed he got any circulation at all to his vital organs. :wink: