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Suggestions for an easy-ish two dayer around Lake District

paulswilliams2paulswilliams2 Posts: 137
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I want to visit the Lake District next weekend to do some riding and camping. Therefore I need a few suggestions for appropriate routes. Ideally I would like a good 20 - 25 miler for a Saturday and maybe 10 miles for the Sunday.

I will be self sufficient with panniers, I am also looking for relatively non technical routes but am happy with large climbs and again, non technical descents. Perhaps at odds with these however, I would obviously prefer to stay off road.

Finally, I would probably want to start out at Ambleside or maybe Coniston. My initial idea was over High Street which I have walked before, but wasn't paying much attention to its rideability!

Any suggestions?


  • DSA244DSA244 Posts: 66
    The High Street is an excellent route, but does get boggy when there has been rain, otherwise is very rideable and enjoyable. Iwouldn't call it an easyish route though, there are some hard climbs and a very card carry (carry not push).

    If you do this route and don't want technical, then go down the bridleway from the Cockpit and follow this to Martindle common and climb up via Boredale Hause as this has a steep rideable descent, the Patterdal singletrack is technical.

    From Coniston try Grizdale forrest taking in the bridle way past Lowaparkamoor and the the North Face Trail
  • Cheers for the advice - when I say easyish, I mean technically rather than effort driven. The more effort, the more beer gut disappears!!

    Will consult the OS Maps tonight.
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