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big biceps

kona,stinky,ownerkona,stinky,owner Posts: 122
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hi all i am 14 and want a decent size biceps for the summer can eny one help


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    ride your bike.
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  • a do evry day but that are still small
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    please use ENGLISH.

    they will grow with time.
    "Do not follow where the path may lead, Go instead where there is no path, and Leave a Trail."
    Parktools :?:SheldonBrown
  • sorry a said i do use my bike every day but that are still small and i have been ridein for years now
  • ash68ash68 Posts: 320
    hello kona, IMO your a bit young to lift weights. Perhaps a circuit of press ups,chin ups,tricep dips would help overall development of your top half. In a few years that could be developed into weight training under supervision at a good local gym
  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    get a powerball, i got one for £40 from and it has increased the size a fair bit..i am 14 and lift weights occasionaly but a powerball is easier and more efficient!
    worth £40 also do press ups they help alot i usually go and do 25 7kg dumbells in the morn (25each arm) get in from school try and get on my bike and do a good few miles,then 25 press ups, usually go out with mates for a few hours get have a go on powerball for 15mins ..
    i only do it for downhill,cross country running and when i have a race on my motocrosser 8) and it has helped alot
  • I'm going to be a little harsh here so I apologise in advance.

    When are you boys going to be happy with what you have got? Thread after thread of young teenage boys that want bigger muscles.

    You do understand that your bodies have as yet not reached their full potential don't you?

    You have at 14 possibly another 4 to 7 years of major growth spurts to undergo. What size you are now potentially bears no relevance on the size you may be at 18 or 21.

    KSO, ask yourself what you want out of it?

    "To make my biceps bigger"?......So you want to do it to pose, is that right? A question for you, what general fitness or bike riding gains will bigger biceps bring you?.....Dat's wight wabbit, none at all.

    Bigger muscles do not a strong man make, you need endurance, cardio vascular fitness and all over core fitness to be truly strong. Not just rippling muscles.

    You are far better working as others have said on cardio fitness, core strength using your own body weight and a healthy diet. Leave your muscles to form and grow on their own, then when they are, start to play about with them. You won't see massive gains anyway and in all likely hood will look a bit stupid with bulging biceps and little chicken leg forearms.

    Leave well alone, you'll end up doing more damage than good.

    Diet, core strength and cardio. These are the things that will bring you the most benefit.
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  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    i see what you meen big n daft, i do not do it just to have bigger biceps i mainly do for when i am racing (motocross), its not easy to keep the front end of a 125cc motocrosser down when it kicks in to its powerband ..that is why i started as i used to really tire my arms out when racing and end up with cramps in my forearm.. not good in the middle of a race, a powerball has helped alot with that and doing a few weights etc.. does make a difference in motocross and downhill
  • i have wights but am gona start useing them
  • A powerball is a good thing for you then Jack, because it exercises the forearm muscles, which is where your getting the pain, although I'd guess and say the size of the muscles won't make a jot of difference, it's more likely to be a 'stuck in one position cramp' type of problem. It could also be pressure on the ulnar nerve, this runs into the base of your hand, on the opposite side to your thumb, so on your right hand it will be on the left hand side as you look at your palm. This is a well known cause of pain in cyclists, but any pressure for any length of time on it will cause pain and numbness into the forearm. S'why cycling gloves tend to have gel pads on certain parts of the palm.

    You'd probably see more benefit from changing your grip every few minutes or so, especially on your throttle hand, because I'll bet it's your right wrist/top of right forearm that hurts more than anything what with it being bent backwards to open the throttle. Do the movement off the bike and you'll see exactly which muscles are working to do it.

    Could also be you need to get your bodyweight a bit more forward rather than trying to hold the front end down with your arms. As soon as you clench muscles, they become liable to cramp, try it with the big muscles in your thighs, after 30 seconds or so, they'll hurt....a lot.

    I don't mean to sound like your mum, but honestly any free weight use at yours and KSO 's age will really do more harm than good. Lifting weight is not just about how much weight you can lift, to get any benefit and to prevent serious injury, proper form and control of the weight on both the contraction and extension stage of the lift is vitally important. Training to destruction (which is pretty much the only way you will see serious gains) is a seriously dangerous activity without proper supervision or at least someone around who can get that weight off you in an emergency.

    In basic terms, the muscles take the bulk of the weight, but tendons, ligaments and your skeleton share the load, all of which are still quite elastic or soft at your age. Your going to do it no matter what anyone says but please get someone to show you the proper way to do it at least.

    Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. ~H.G. Wells ... 3Small.jpg
  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    cheers alot for that big n daft, i do lean forward off the line and do push a little but when flying in to a corner you loose your grip a little and have to push with your arms alot..which is why i get a pain in my forearm and around my elbow..
    once again cheers for that
  • xc-andyxc-andy Posts: 120
    maybe you just need to choke the chicken more.
    At your age I had a right bicep bigger than my thigh !!
  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
  • rideitgoodrideitgood Posts: 1,183
    My right bicep is begger than my left bicep. :(
    but i'm working on it. :P

    I genuinely do have pretty prominent muscles on my arms, and immensely veiny arms, streching from the backs of my hands, up to my neck etc. I was once questioned by my head of house at school if i was on steroids, due to a f*cked up stupid rumour going round and reaching her ears :x

    people at my school ask if i work out loads etc, but i never have in my life, apart from maybe once in a blue moon at the school gym etc. it's all from riding, and the other sports i used to do wheni was a bit younger, prior to my knee injuries. i put some of it down to half a year of xc riding on a dh bike as well!
    I've just turned 16, and would like bigger pecs, but hey, he who wants doesn't get. Stop being a posing censored , and your muscles will develop if you put the effort in. I scorn people my age who go on about their muscles, and how often they work out, it's just a bit pathetic. have fun riding your bike, and if you ride enough your body will catch up mate.
  • fumpsfumps Posts: 227
    Dude at 14 your still growing.

    I dont have big arms now & i'm a 31yr old ex boxer.
    Some peeps i know have bigger arms than me but it's what i call poser build. Big arms no power......dont see the point.

    If your wanting big arms to show off with be careful as this attracts, challenges from meat heads.
    sad but true
    Arrrghhh it's worse than i thought!!!!!
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    Definitely wait, you are almost certainly too young to be trying to build up muscle bulk, you'll most likely just injure yourself or cause growth problems, particularly if you train without proper supervision. If you want to improve your general strength, particularly in your core, which is useful for everything, get a yoga ball. they are about a fiver from argos and if you use it like a chair for most things, like working, watching tv etc then you'll find your core stability will improve in leaps and bounds.
  • wwjjttwwjjtt Posts: 204
    your not going to build any muscle at 14! forget it untill you stop growing! ask your p.e. teacher to explain why! trust me, get the idea out of your head, it wont happen till you start filling out. why are kids so aware these days? man!
  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    i asked my p.e teacher about it and he said it will help in alot of sports and it was him who suggested it to me after i broke my wrist ina few places he said " start of with light weights while its still weak and work youur way up the bigger ones to get more strength back in your wrist"
  • Drfabulous0Drfabulous0 Posts: 1,539
    Training back up to strength after an injury is different, although you really should be getting advice from a physiotherapist rather than your PE teacher. The most effective way to build strength and muscle mass is to get a physical job, such as labouring in construction, and eating well. The cycling will keep you toned but doesn't give much bulk. Going to the gym a few times a week won't do you much good if you have an inactive lifestyle. Obviously you're still at school right now, so just do as much sport as you can, that will keep you in pretty good physical condition.
  • I have to agree with the majority of people on here at 14 it's pointless and will do more harm then good.
    I was pretty much just skinny my whole school life but growing up muscles/strength comes naturally with sports/activities. I'm 19 now I don't have the "poser" muscle look at all but do have big forearms and alot of upper body strength. I never trained as such I just work as a bricklayer and rock climb 1-3 times a week, I only do it every other day at most so I have rest time. I'm very new to biking as I want to get a bit more strength in my legs and stamina etc as well as loving being outside!

    I just find that if you are doing something you enjoy biking etc your body will adapt and you get the gains in the places you need them. I don't see the point of doing anything for an image if I don't get useable gains from it.
  • BenBen Posts: 5,534
    Try masturbating 3-4 times a day then build up to 8 or 9 times. It's done wonders for my right bicep.

    LIke a bloody melon I'm telling you/
  • Drfabulous0Drfabulous0 Posts: 1,539
    Ben you should learn to do it with you left, you are a crime against symmetry
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