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I've just started this MTB lark and find myself scuffing badly when going over unavoidable tree roots on my local trail. My PSI range in my bike is 40-65, anyone know what my pressure should be when on trails as I think I'm too high at the moment.

Cheers! :D


  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    I personally ride 40ish but many ride lower than that - 30ish maybe? its all personal preference really. I prefer to ride higher as my bmx is 65+ and also I hate pinch punctures.
  • fumpsfumps Posts: 227
    Also depends how you hit the roots.

    I go side on as best i can so i hit them at 45 degree angle.
    Arrrghhh it's worse than i thought!!!!!
  • truespintruespin Posts: 155
    I ride at around 30-35 and have few problems with punctures/pinch flats at that pressure

    I found much higher than that and I lost traction and had a much less comfortable ride...
  • Sir HCSir HC Posts: 20,148
    If you can, hop over them or hit them head on. Hit them at 45degrees and you will slide out.
    Intense Socom
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    i run at 40psi on trails and 50psi when on roads or flat trails
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    Sir HC wrote:
    If you can, hop over them or hit them head on. Hit them at 45degrees and you will slide out.

    couldnt agree more!! hop over or hit them straight! any angle will just spill you off especially in the wet. Dont worry about your psi mate just get the technique down first
  • Sir HCSir HC Posts: 20,148
    65Psi does sound very high. What width tyres are you running ?

    I run the tyres on my Inbred at 40Psi on the front and 45Psi on the rear (I weigh 15stone). Gives good grip but doesn't add too much to rolling resistance.
    Intense Socom
  • i run at 40psi (ish) and try to hit roots head on, or as colse to as possible. unweight the bike before you hit them, as it reduces the chance of you slipping on them.
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    Cool name Dizzy the Egg!

    Haven't played that game since I was a kid


    Tyres, as everybody already mentioned above Hit square on, if travelling uphill try to power the pedals before your rear tyre comes into contact and roll over unweighting the rear end instead of pedalling, on downhill or level ground stay loose on the bike and relax then unweight each wheel if possible as you ride over them, as Rich25 says get your technique down first, when traversing roots pressure plays only a small part in landing you on your back side.

    hope this helps


    Sore ribs.................I must start walking the trail 1st before steep descents into the unknown!
  • fumpsfumps Posts: 227
    I'm dumb just read my post (sorry brain works quicker than fingers)

    I meant 90 degree, reason i do that is first time i went on a basic XC course thats how other riders was handelling them. So i learned from there.
    I try to hop over but thats made me come unstuck a few times lol
    Arrrghhh it's worse than i thought!!!!!
  • juankerrjuankerr Posts: 1,099
    I ride about 40psi off road. Hitting treeroots at 90 degees is the key, or better than that hop over them or at unweight the bike at speed so you fly over them.
  • clantonclanton Posts: 1,287
    Also the closer you can get to the tree itself the better - fewer, bigger roots here and they're probably less "polished" from other riders and you have more room for error as you are on the high side of the trail.
  • StefanHStefanH Posts: 228
    I run at 55psi most of the time (fire xc 2.1's) and find it reasonably easy to hop over the lower ones. Taller ones get tackled head-on and I kind of just roll my centre of gravity from back to front as I go over the root.

    Being clipped in to the pedals helps ;)
  • I hate roots. The Forest of Dean is full of the buggers !!
    What tree ? ...........

    Trek 8000 ZR XC hardtail.
  • Cheers everyone, tahing the bike out for a spin tomorrow so hopefully I'll be a bit better than usual.

    Sir HC I have no idea what width my tyres are, my knowlede is that poor! It's a 26" wheel and I think the tyres are just bog standard MTB tyres with a more roady style centre, thinking of getting 2 new sets, one road and one proper XC.

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