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Brompton child seat

Brompton folding bike owners with children might like to add an itChair to their bike.

It sits a child in front of the adult but lower so they can hold the lower part of the handlebars.

My son loves us going rides with it. has a little video clip showing how it works.

The best thing is you can still fold and get on a train or bus. For exmaple, travelling to the London Freewheel we cycled to the station, folded up, then got train and tube to Green Park, unfolded and joined in.

Note this is not a cheap product and you will have to spend extra for a saddle.

Hope useful



  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    I did see these and think wow great product, but having seen the price thought might as well just get a private chauffeur to bring the kids along.

    As with anything Brompton , very smart engineering solution.
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  • jamtufjamtuf Posts: 1
    Anyone know where to get a second hand one as they are no longer made?
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