Eddy Merckx Suppliers......Who do you recommend

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I am trying to find uk suppliers of eddy merckx bikes/frames

i am struggling to find a website/shop that is a distributer

any help greatly appreciated



  • Try Geoff Butler cycles in Croydon.


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  • andyp
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    I believe fk:marketing are the UK importers.
  • mascott
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    thanks chaps

    gb cycles sound top notch
    off to see them tomorrow......

    must remember budget......!
  • Monty Dog
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    Rock'n'Road in Southampton are also dealers - amazingly don't have a website. If was in the market for a Merckx I'd probably buy one via a Belgian dealer and go and collect from the factory rather than paying a 35% premium to a UK 'box shifter'. Worth checking out European prices too.
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