Complete Newbie, need a lot of advice on bike for SMALL FEE!

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I'm very interested in road riding, but as fun and for fitness. I don't expect to ride competitively any time soon as i am knowhere near fit enough at the moment and am only 17. Therefore, i am looking for my first road bike for as low cost as possible, as i earn very little money from a part-time job. However, i don't really know what i'm looking for, and can spend between £200-£400, 400 being an ultimate maximum as i would be selling my current mountain bike to help fund it.

Another problem i have is that i am 6"5 and so don't know what size or style i should be looking at to achieve a comfotable ride.

If anybody could help or offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated :D


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    Stick your vital stats into one of the on-line bike size calculators that lots of frame builders have (there's one on the Enigma bikes website ( and then at least you'll have an idea about what sort of frame size you should be aiming for.

    My guess is that you are going to have to be looking for a bike from e-Bay or a closeout deal from a major manufacturer in preparation for the 2008 bikes arriving.

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    I got my '07 Giant SCR3 from these guys.

    Paid £340.00 for it, the '08 has an RRp of £460.00 :D


    Chris :)
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  • Thanks 2 everyone so far, the bike size calculator was really helpful :) and the Giant SCR 3 is a real possibility, thanks.
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    Have you thought of going 2nd hand?? You'll get a lot more for your money, and if you really start to enjoy riding you can then buy brand new. There's loads of stuff on eBay, and using the on-line sizing guides will help get you started. The other option may be to contact a local club (hopefully it'll be a good one!!) and they will often offer you free advice to get you started - I know we do if anyone comes asking us.

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