Bikes for jam eaters?

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My 7yr old lad is enjoying his cycling, he's now getting out tucked up behind me on the road - 6 mile to his nana's and then back after a little rest.
Thing is i'm sure i can remember junior road bikes as a kid (i had a lovely raleigh olympus)

He's currenyly on a single speed mountain bike 'style' bike.

Any recommendations for decent junior road bike or even a decent sports bike?


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    I've seen and heard a lot of very positive feedback about Isla Rowntree's bikes here:

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    My son has a beinn 20 and it's very good. I've also seen the rest of the range at a bike show and they are all good bikes, no knobs or whistles just good componentry on a suitable and lightweight frame

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    people from workington?
    haven't heard that term for a while!

    the islabikes get a great writeup and seem to be of a high quality. pricey mind, but if he enjoys it then I guess it is to be encouraged.
  • Here you go.

    €1,100 to you Sir.

    My Bikes:

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    isla bikes looks the best bet,
    recall reading in 'put me back on my bike' some LBS sold kids bikes on condition they were brought back to be resold after they were outgrown.
    -enriches the spirit!
  • My little one wants a bike for Xmas (well, she wants one now, but that's when she's getting it). What, if anything, is the difference between a Spesh Hotrock 16 (which she's tried and likes, probably because it's pink-ish and has a relatively low seat- she's not yet three, but tall) and an Islabike, which costs the same?