pb21 Posts: 2,170
I cant look at Bikeradar with fiefox as after a few minutes it doesnt load any pages.

IE works fine, but I normally use FF, so use IE just to look at bikeradar!.

Is their any reason for this?


  • Andy B
    Andy B Posts: 8,115
    FF works fine for me, that's all I ever use.
  • Big Red S
    Big Red S Posts: 26,890
    Yeah, there probably is a reason.

    Are you getting any error messages? Does it to the same for any other sites? Are there any specific pages you go to that trigger this?

    Which version of firefox, and on which operating system?
  • I'm on Firefox, no problems here. The usual browser cure-all is clearing the cache, have you tried that? Preferences -> Privacy -> Private Data -> Clear Now on the Linux version, not sure if the Windows version's the same or not.
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