Rear Changer Problem

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Riding in heavy traffic last night I got in a mess gear wise and the chain jammed against the front mech. Since then the rear changer has been jumping over cogs and generally not behaving. I know sod all about bike mechanics so before I Google, can anyone suggest what might be wrong (i.e.,a straightforward adjustment) or should I go straight to LBS?



  • Smokin Joe
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    Have a look at your chain and see it there is any apparant damage, it might have got twisted or bent a sideplate.
  • ean
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    You probably have a stiff link. Check your chain and when you find the link, put some oil on it and work it loose.

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  • Zendog1
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    Turn the cranks slowly backwards and watch the rear deraillieur. If you have a stiff link it will twich as the link goes through. Then find the problem link by bending each one in the problem area - it will feel stiff compared with the rest.

    Try a bit of lube and mild twisting but if that does not sort it out you will need to replace it. LBS or cheaper in the long run buy a chain splitter and some spare links / pins.
  • dudi
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    Exactly the same thing happened to me last night too. turned out to be a twisted link in the chain. thankfully the tool I carry with me has a chain splitter, so I could just remove the affected links and limp home.

    just take a close look a the chain and you'll notice any damage as it will just look out of place.

    let us know what you find!

  • Barbes
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    Thanks for the advice. The chain looks fine. I think I maybe stretched the cable - some fiddling with the indexer seems to have helped and, although still not perfect, it'll do til I next hook up with my mechanically minded mate.
  • John C.
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    If you haven't a workshop stand (I haven't either) suspend your bike by the saddle. I use a loop of rope over a beam in the garage. Now if your bike has a triple chain set, select the middle ring , now put the bike in the highest gear at the back, if you now click the rear gear lever up one gear the chain should move onto the larger gear. If not the UNSCREW the adjuster 1/4 of a turn. Keep doing this untill it changes properly then try it up the rest of the gears, you may need to do another 1/4 turn on those but that should be all. If you have done this correctly the bike should change gear the other way without any adjustments.
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