What to pack for 2 Weeks in Mallorca

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Hi all,
i am going to a cycling training camp for 2 weeks in mallorcaon the 13th of this month,bike is to be hired over there so i am just wondering what to pack cycling wise. I have access to washing facilities at the hotel i am staying in so i was thinking something along the lines of 2 pairs of bib shorts 1 pair of bib knickers, 2 short sleeve jerseys 1 long sleeve jersey 1 pair of arm and leg warmers, 1 light rain coat(gore pac lite) and about 5/6 pairs of socks plus casual clothes.and my cycling shoes pedals and helmet. Is this sufficient or a bit excessive


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    Presuming you mean gloves and glasses aren’t worth mentioning, I’d only say a couple of undershirts (one long-armed, one short-armed) are missing (as precaution incase the temperature drops) and that you could nonetheless half the number of socks.

    I also imagine you won’t need leg-warmers at all. You’re more likely to encounter rain than cold, so maybe thin overshoes too?

    Take a few things like an allen key in case how you discover underway your hire bike isn’t adjusted exactly how you’d like.

    And what about your cozzie for posing around the pool each afternoon afterwards? A cyclists’ legs do attract some (fe)males!
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    I'd take all the shorts and jerseys I'd got - it would seem a shame to spend valuable holiday time in a hotel laundry. And besides, I've done enough minimalist cycle touring to find the daily chore of washing kit no fun at all. A few extra shorts and jerseys aren't going to push your baggage over weight, are they?

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    Good job you weren't here yesterday

    http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/pu ... 2862.shtml

    Where are you going to be staying? I can probably recommend some good restaurants or bars.

  • You're only doing this to make us jealous.

    And it's worked... :evil:
    17 years commuting up and down the King\'s Road and i still don\'t get faster...
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    Update on the storm. Stuff starting to appear on Youtube.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iTjowpy ... ed&search=

    Scary stuff. I'd pack your windproofs! :D

    Never seen anything like it before so it's not typical. Even on the day, it was sunny half an hour before, and sunny again half an hour after. But in between, first of all the blackest clouds I've ever seen started appearing over the Horizon, then it went dark, REALLY dark. Then the wind and Rain started. Then in the blackness was an eiree yellow light. It was bad enough that at the height of the storm we kept away rom from the windows as they were bowing in and we really didn't want to be in the way if them when they caved in. Fortunately our office was ok.


    Oh, BTW, Is the old wives tale about rubber tyres insulating you corrent? 900 lightening bolts hit Palma in 1 hour!