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tiredeyes69tiredeyes69 Posts: 46
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have just spent 8 hours ringing every store of Game /tesco extra /makro / argos/ debenhams/ john lewis / woolworths / toysrus / the link from west midlands up to north wales and manchester.
NO_ONE i mean NO-ONE has a Wii in stock
I need one for my daughters birthday in 19 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!
argh, if anyone knows where there is one in stock, please can you let me know.

many thanks....


  • fumpsfumps Posts: 227
    last time i checked CEX had some

    computer exchange ......but you might have to be quick
    Arrrghhh it's worse than i thought!!!!!
  • Try local game shops,

    Game station is a good start, then Chips or Game (although I see you already tried Game).

    They tend to take the lions share of any new stock that comes in.

    If not, E-bay might be worth a punt if your desperate. Check the feedback and don't buy any foreign ones though!

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. Once you get one, you'll be sorry. The damn things are super addictive!

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  • Mike DeereMike Deere Posts: 4,259
    All my local shops have them in stock...
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Bought one on-line at Dixons yesterday (they only had them in stock briefly), someone else where I work picked one up from the local GAME store (they had a delivery of 6 in). If you're OK buying one on-line then just google for Wii stock and keep one of the stock checker pages active, that then alerts you when a retailer has stock (I created accounts on the main ones beforehand to so I wouldn't spend 10 minutes registering by which time the stock might disappear). If you don't want to buy on-line then just call your local gaming shops each day I guess.
  • same problem, NO shops have them, got one off yesterday......£255.

    hefty, but will cost alot more than that if i didn't have it for christmas.
  • I can't beleive they are still out of stock! I had mine on release definitely a great choice for christmas 4 player tennis!
  • lm_treklm_trek Posts: 1,470
    sainsbury!! i checked yesterday for a customer, marshal lake had 2, castle vale 3, may pole 2 and leamington 2. not sure if they are still there, but if you ask at CSD they can search other stores for you
  • BromskiBromski Posts: 239
    I've got one for sale if that helps?
  • BromskiBromski Posts: 239
    I've got one for sale if that helps?
  • BromskiBromski Posts: 239
    I've got one for sale if that helps?
  • BromskiBromski Posts: 239
    What happened there?

    I seem to have developed a stutter?
  • J M SJ M S Posts: 2
    Try Argos online, you can check stock in the various shops around your area and reserve one if they have one .
    Thats how I got mine !
  • fumpsfumps Posts: 227
    Reet bad news !!!

    I know someone who works for a company within the gaming industry, looking like the Wii stock comming into this country is looking like it wont get any better before xmas.

    The stock's going to just trickle through until the new year.
    Most shops are getting them at 6 at a time, most seem like they are putting them up on
    e-bay to see the prices they can get for them.
    But with it being like that i guess reserving them will be hard as a local shop near me will not be reserving them. it will be first come a first served set up. i'm sorry to say.

    Arrrghhh it's worse than i thought!!!!!
  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 13,671 have them in stock (German site).
  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    I've heard there are warranty issues with buying from Europe, although this may not be a problem with Amazon.
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