Wales tomorrow!............what routes???

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Myself and 2 friends are going to Wales tomorrow morning, and we're staying in Machynlleth (spelling?).

Obviously, with them being right on our doorstep, we'll be doing the climax, and probably Mach3. I'd have thought we'll also be spending a day at Coed Y Brenin. I've already done the MBR, but one of the other guys has never been, and the third guy has only done the Red Bull (Tawr now, is it?).

What other routes would you all recommend within around 45 minutes drive?

Is the Penmachno easily driveable?

I was also thinking about Coed Llandegla.

What do you guys think?


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    Llandegla is about the hour away from coedy. and it is very tame compared to coed y brenin. I loved the MBR trail last time i did it, The best trail i've ever ridden. How about doing the MBR again, or even the tarw. OR, if you're feeling brave, do the beast.

    Sure, llandegla is a great ride, but to be honest, it doesn't match up to coed y brenin standards.
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    if you're making a long day of it you can extend Mach3 to take in (some of) the Nant yr Arian trails.
    After you've done the big fireroad climb you carry straight ahead instead of turning right to the farm building at Hyddgen. Cross the river at the end, turn right, right again when you come to the road and follow round Nant y Moch reservoir till you join onto the Conti trail.
    You can get back to Mach3 to the East of the reservoir by taking the bridleway round the back of Llyn Nantycagl then carry on the forestry track past the Anglers Retreat and through the forestry at Hafodwnog which joins back to Mach3 just before the Chute.
    It is quite straightforward with a map.
    Apologies if you already knew this.
  • dragons back at coed y brenin - 31km - incorporates a little of MBR though.

    (the beast combines MBR & dragons back, missing a little single track from dragons back 38km))

    Penmachno & Marin at least 1hr 15 from Mach

    Llandegla at least 1hr 30 from mach - it's good, but not worth extra miles compared to what else is nearer.

    these are all north of where you're staying - no idea on south!
  • Cheers fellas.

    Just waiting for my lift now. Remember that feeling you'd get at school before a school trip abroad?