Aero Bars

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Hmmmm. Recently bought some Easton Aero Force clip ons but lo and behold i have the wrong bar size and the clamps are too big for my bars. Its going to be a big deal to take them back to where i bought them from so are there any acceptable solutions such as padding out the bars with tape etc?



  • Mr P
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    you can buy spacers for other brands that may fit yours - come as standard with Profile Design clip-ons etc, so are prob available as "spares"
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    aren't they the chocolate with the bubbles in? :?:
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    Gaffer tape - One of my two best friends! (The other being WD40)

    If it moves, has too much clearance and shouldn't = gaffer tape
    If it doesn't move and should = WD40!

    I'm sure there is a reason why you shouldn't use tape - but I would - but I'm not suggesting you should!

    Unequivocal enough? :)
    ......heading for the box, but not too soon I hope!
  • philak
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    Mr P hit the jackpot with his remark about adaptors. I did a search on the bars and found they should have an adaptor included. The problem was they were unboxed and the shop couldnt find the box so its back to them !

    Thanks all.