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Noisy cycle ?

andy1cpandy1cp Posts: 64
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Hi all,some advice needed urgently! what could possibly be causing on a fairly new Ti cycle with SPD pedals a creaking,straining metallic noise when pedalling uphill or any forceful pedalling ??? i am at a total loss!!! all advice very much appreciated.


  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    my first thoughts would be seat post - I had a creaking from my Ti bike with Alu seatpost - I was convinced it was coming from the cranks, but eventally realised the post needed to be tighter. Does it happen if you are out of the seat? If so, then its not the seatpost.

    Second thought would be crank bolts or chainring bolts.

    Handlebars/stem could do it (you ar elikely to be pulling harder on these when putting the hammer down).

    Sheldon Brown has a good article on Creaks, Clicks and Clunks
  • Pedals.

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  • ramisisramisis Posts: 38
    had a similar problem changed bottom bracket only to find it was the pedals.

    Tighten the pedals
  • OnTowOnTow Posts: 130
    Most likely the pedals.
    My bars creak a little when I'm pulling. (This can solved by a dab of threadlock).
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