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What percentage spilt for braking force front/back

iggsiggs Posts: 89
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What do you reckon the percentage split if for braking force between the front and back wheels?

Under heavy braking how much braking force is applied through the front and back wheels. I've heard 75%/25% front/back

Obviously weight transfer is very much forwards under heavy braking causing the front wheel to get more weight on it and therefore more grip. The rear unweights and therefore loses grip.

What do you reckon? Is this way off mark?

If this is the case then what size rotors should we be running on our bikes. Surely we should have nice big chunky front brakes with big rotors and on the back nice light small rotor design. This is the case for motorbikes (road anyway)



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    generally the front is braking and the rear is steering.

    disc size is not relevant.

    the effectiveness of the brake design is more important.

    but then it all comes down to the mechanical grip of the tyres.

    i have bikes with 160 F&R, 185 F and 165R , others with 180F and 160R and a few with 203mm F&R.

    you need to narrow your thoughts.
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  • Depends a lot on your riding style IMO.
    If you drag the brakes, or feather them on the straights, you could use a bigger rotor out back to aid cooling. If you come in hot and grab a handful just before the apex, you don't need the extra surface area on the back to aid cooling. But as a rule, a bigger front is a good idea.
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  • Neily03Neily03 Posts: 295
    I use the rear for stearing and both for braking and just use enough rear so the wheel doesn't lock.
  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    about 75/25 for me. although, conditions tend to vary. i drag my brakes a lot, so its helpfulmhaving the 7inch out back on my enduro to keep it a little cooler. the 6 inch on my gt boiled way to quickly.
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