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First ride out for ages!

ceecee Posts: 4,553
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I did the red route at Glentress forest today with a few mates, on my first outing for what feels like ages.

I blew my knee out 6 months ago (split the cartilidge, pulled the cruciate and had to go around on crutches for the first 3 months :roll: ) and have only really done a wee couple of laps of Carron Valley since.


First big day out for ages and had a blast! Weather turned out to be awsome!

My mates who all have £2000plus bikes, complained that GT was too busy now. Sitting at the hub afterwards (oh and also at the picinc benches at the top of the Red), this sentiment was echoed by a few others (who incidentally were on a selection of fine bikes.....maybe its just me, but does everyone have an Orange 5 at the moment!!).

I haven't been trail riding for all that long so am still fapping around on my specialized hard-rock sport, but still felt like I wasn't too far behind any of my mates on the way down, and I didn't really think the number of people affected my day.

I had a great time and didn't complain once!

I think that makes me the winner...... :wink:
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  • Glad you enjoyed it - I have just moved up this way so haven't had the chance to get down there yet. Although my bike would make yours look like a £2000 rig (suspension - what's that)...... But if you can come back with a smile on your face then that is all that matters.....

    May try out the Carron Valley at some point as well, still looking for good places to go close to home .. .. ..

  • L60NL60N Posts: 223
    People say full suss is the way to go.. im not too sure myself.

    Me and my friend go to Dalby on sundays. I ride a full susser, and he rides hardtail. We often swap bikes, he rides a GT ruckus. All i can say is, whenever we swap I have the time of my life, the ride acutally makes me laugh out loud and grin from ear to ear!! Something the full suspension can never do.

    The swap back makes me realise, that my experience is toned down sumwhat by the way the bike handles the terrain.

    So, remember, Big £2000 rigs dont necessarily equal a better experience. Why not ask you mate to swap for ten minutes, im sure you would love your hardrock even more ^^

    Caveat - My own opinions..
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