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Mono Mini Calipers

Mik0312Mik0312 Posts: 5
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Due to the fact that HOPE technical don't appear to bothered with replying to a customer can one of you lovely people help me?

I've damaged one of my mono mini calipers (Front) and a mate has a spare rear I can have - so my quesion is, are the calipers the same front and rear?


  • garsr6garsr6 Posts: 135
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    yes and no.

    it all depends on what you have got.

    what is the caliper number/fitting.

    at least you will need a plus 20mm adaptors.

    try reading the caliper sticky.
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  • If they're the postmount version, then yes. You'll need a different adapter though.
    For IS, see nick's post above.
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