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Dirt Jumper 1's( 2008) or Argyle 318's (2007-2008)

Kona ChrisKona Chris Posts: 3
edited October 2007 in MTB buying advice
Im looking at purchasing some new forks from christmas, as my current forks (Dirt Jam Comps) seem to be playing, ive had these for a year or more and it seems the fork bushings have gone. So instead of takin them apart and phaffin around, i want some new forks either Dirt Jumper 1's(2008) or Argyle 318's (2008) or the 2007 ones cause there cheaper but i don't know if they will be sellin them on wiggle at christmas. The fork would be used for dirt jumping mostly and a bit of skatepark riding.

Thank you in advance,


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