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New Derailuer for an 7 speed?

mopactannermopactanner Posts: 5
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Hi I am looking for info on a new derailer for my Sachs Maillard Aris Freewheel 7 spd it is new in mint condition and the ratio is t and also what chain would match up? My chainring is an single 52t.


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    One to match the shifters basically, which you don't say

    If you run friction shifters then any road mech will do. If it's indexed then any road mech from the same manufacturer will do. 8spd will be best but a 9spd mech will work perfectly okay too, and are much more widely available. 10spd may be pushing it though with the fatter 7/8 speed chain.

    7 speed chains are the same as 8 speed chains. See

    eg a PC58 will do fine, with a powerlink ... delID=1017
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