Eat before you go out!

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Just got back from a little Sunday jaunt. This is a reminder to everyone on the importance of eating before you go out!
I nipped to Aldi at 10, spent a fortune (lol!), came back mowed the lawn and then went out on my bike.....whats missing - oh yeah - i forgot to eat anything!!!!!
I went out with all intentions of doing 40 miles+ which is a nice 2-3 hours out (normally!), but about 9 miles in I was pooped. Ended up stopping at a cafe and having a sandwich and cup of tea and then just coming home. a paltry 18 miles :(
I haven't done anything since I got back from a big Edinburgh to Southport ride over the August Bank holiday and i had every intention of picking it up again this weekend.
Why was I so knackered? Yep, no fuel! Sure, there was a bit of a headwind on the way out (but nothing like I had on the climb out of Edinburgh) and It was only 4 weeks ago I finished a 230 mile journey.


  • You went out for a 3 hour ride with no on-bike fuel?

    That's a bit silly as well.

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    it sounds as though you hadn't been eating too well on the days leading up to it either, I would have though you'd have some carb stored in your system to carry you more than just 9 mile ?
  • I agree with Phil.
    Must have been poor food intake either day or days before.
    9 miles is not enough to cause bonk really. unless you wa at Max HR :D
    For rides up to 50 miles I just have porridge before ride and often just take a bottle and a gel for back up.
  • I did the same this morning. I had a banana 5 minutes before we went out for 2 1/2 hours and after 2 hours I was bolloxed. We rode home down the A6 from Scorton and my mate, who had to be back quick, left me for dead.

    I was confused as to why I was so knackered but I put it down to the fact I hadnt eaten properly and that the lad I was riding with weighs about 4 stone lighter than me, has a brand new Colnago and I was trying to keep up with his average 20mph cruising speed!!

    Next week I intend to eat and make him ride at MY pace, a steady 16-18 mph!!
  • Excuse my holier than thou attitude, but I have to say I always have a massive bowl of pasta the night before a ride, then a few rounds of toast and a banananananaa for brekkie, and carry a few gels and bars.