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What semi-slick tyres?

worswors Posts: 90
edited September 2007 in MTB buying advice
as the post, want a set of tyres to "do-it-all" i have panaracer fire xc on at the mo, not ideal for tarmac or bike path duties.


  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
    There's no such a thing as do-it-all. You can have a tyre that's better than the XC pro on tarmac but it'll be worse on the trail.

    You can choose from Panaracer Semi-knobs or Kenda Small block 8s at the knobbly end of semi-slick, through Maxxis High-Roller semi-slicks to tyres like Specialized Crossroads at the slicker end of the spectrum.

    Other than tarmac riding what else do you do and what size tyre do you want will help get you better advice?
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  • janwaljanwal Posts: 486
    Have a look at Schwalbe Smart Sams.I have them on my new Cube Acid.They are nobbly but the centre nobbles are flat and slightly treaded so give a very low roll resistance.SO far they have been excellent.Before that I had semi slick Vredestein spider on my Marin HAwk Hill.Used them for 6 years with only 2 punctures.The ultra version is supposed to be nearly puncture resistant.
  • Got any pics of your Cube Acid?
    The Schwalbe Tyres look a good buy for a Do-it-all tyre
    something I was going to look into, as panracers are quite tuff going for a road & canal tow-path kinda tyre. but great for mud on a xc run.
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