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Rift Zone or Cube AMS Pro?

danielstuckedanielstucke Posts: 15
edited September 2007 in MTB buying advice
I've been out today trawling round the bargain 07 bikes and have had a go on two that were great.

An 07 Marin Rift Zone (£1600 instead of £1800), not a massive bargain but a lovely bike, that felt 'right' as soon as i sat on it.

And a Cube AMS Pro 100 (£1200 instead of £1475), cheaper with better spec parts than the Marin and again felt great. Its a bit unknown but I believe has had good reviews this year???

I'm struggling to choose between them, the £400 saving is damned tempting, but I have always wanted a Rift Zone and love Marins - so I just don't know! Credit is easier to arrange for the Marin and it comes with 3 free services in the 1st 12months.

Any thoughts on these bikes, or alternatives. I'd rather buy from a LBS, out of principle and the level of service I'll get which is why I'm looking at these two (I'm in the Manchester area).

Thanks in advance 8)

EDIT: Should've added that this is for a bit of everything, but really I want a full sus x-country bike I can use for riding in the lakes/peaks. Depending how much I spend it could end up being used for commuting too but that won't affect the choice.
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