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Hilarious transparent lies

richardjallenrichardjallen Posts: 691
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edit: This is more of a burger stop than a cake stop. Read on..

Some vouchers for Burger King came through my door the other week, buy one get one free offers. I don't eat burgers much but I thought would redeem one today anyway. So I went into a BK and a sign said they were not serving burgers because their machine was broken. I went into another and the staff said:

'We're not accepting vouchers because we're not Burger King.'

'What?' I look around BK sign on the roof, BK written on everything.

'Who are you then?'

'We're, erm, erm, we're... I don't know what we are. We're nothing!! It says Burger King but we're not selling BK burgers. We're reopening soon as erm.. Burger Nights!!'

No joke this really happened. They are so stupid I bet they buy a new 'Burger Nights' sign and put it on the roof just so they don't have to admit they we're lying and don't have to follow the BK offer.


  • If they rebrand as Burger Knights they won't have to change all of the branding!! Inspired!
    There's always one more idiot than you bargained for.
  • True.

    They could redecorate everything as a dungeon and wear suits of armour. They could be the Burger Kings' Knights and have round tables instead of square ones.
  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    Does actually happen!

    Burger King is a franchise, and it is (I believe) possible that if you fail to meet their standards they lift the permission to sell their products.

    This leaves the owner with a shop and no trade name - the answer being to redecorate and open as an unfranhcised burger bar/ restaurant!
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