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stem angle

jazzkaileyjazzkailey Posts: 46
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I'm looking for a 110mm road stem (non adjustable) with a riser angle of about 20 degrees. Does anyone know of one, as most I have seen have much lower angles (upto +/- 10 degrees) than this. It's for 26mm bars. I've tried an adjustable stem but have no faith in them since the bolt snapped mid ride!


  • try some of the american makes - Bontrager, Ritchey and Salsa. I have 110mm 17 degree Ritchey and Salsa do/used to do 15 degrees

  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    I agree. A flipped 17 degree version would be your best bet.

    Have a trawl through Ribble, Ebay, Parkers, CRC, Wiggle. You should find a few.

    Here's a candidate: ... elID=19519
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  • huge selection at SJScycles
  • araceraracer Posts: 1,649
    You want 20 degrees above horizontal, or 20 degrees above 90 degrees to the steerer? If the former, then a flipped 7 degree stem (plenty between 5 and 8 degrees), if the latter, then as others have suggested a flipped 17 degree - the difference between that and 20 degrees is one 5mm spacer.
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