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specialized stumpy rear shock

goonergooner Posts: 38
edited September 2007 in MTB buying advice
hi there,

just wondering if any one can help me?i have a specialized stumpjumper fsr and i would like to change the rear shock, to one with a lockout. i cant seem to find anywhere that sells the size/stroke length that i need! has anyone else done this or know where i could get what i am after?



  • Sir HCSir HC Posts: 20,148
    What is the length and and stroke of the shock ? What year is the bike and what shock is fitted ?
    Intense Socom
  • its a 2005 frame and it has a fox septune shock fitted especially made for specialized i think, and i think the shock is 7.5 x 1.75, i was also just looking at push tuning is nit possible to put a lockout on a shock that hasnt alredy got one??
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