Dawes Kingpin and Raleigh Twenty (Folders)

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Do these old 70's bike share the same the same hinge mechanism?

Which one is the better bike?


  • depends what you mean by best...the Dawes is a bit better build quality, but the Raleigh 20 is a better ride far closer to a 'normal' bike the 20 is also available as a Triumph,Hercules,BSA, etc etc see http://www.bikexprt.com/bicycle/mytwenty.htm
    http://home.comcast.net/~cheg01/r20.html http://drumbent.com/folders.html, these sites will give you plenty to think about I have one of each thogh the 'Kingpin' is the wifes , my 20 is stripped of all original parts and has/is being built using more modern and lighter components the BB will be the biggest problem, best of luck.
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    Many thanks Steve. I have now devoured all of the info on the sites.
    What route did you take with the BB?
    SJSC can refill with braze and then tap the BB shell for £25. takes 1 hour.
    New axle?
    or the unorthodox
    new BB with PVC cups?
    Do you know what length BB I would need to keep a straight chainline?
    I am going to build a fixed Twenty do you know what length BB I would need to keep a straight chainline?
    Last question what did you use for your new handlebar stem?

    Much appreciated Gary
  • it's a long while ago to remember axle length and its currently residing at the back of the shed so difficult to measure, I can remember that I ground down both sides of the BB with an angle grinder which made the threads tighter when refitting the cups ,it was a bit of messing about but I had the time and 'skills' to bodge it, though it hasn't come loose and spins just finewith square taper axle coupled to alloy single ring SR cranks...spend £25 if you have any doubts about doing it. The stem is an agjustable one from Halfords with twin bolt mtb type front cap not sure of make but with a pair of mtb 'risers' it also has been fine. For brakes I have an unidentified long drop alloy Weinmann copy side pull, front is a Weinmann long reach centrepull. All in all
    it has been a useful machine as yet still under the odd bit of upgrading(alloy rims next).
    Hope this helps Steve...

    ps if you are going fixed why not fit an Sturmey Archer AW 3speed modified to 2 speed fixed operation?
    being a reformed stuntdrinker allows pontification
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    Thanks for that information Steve. The problem with sending it to SJSC is the added carriage and return carriage will bump up the cost considerably. I rang Mercian which is near me at the weekend and the young guy just said it needs a new shell. That's the best they can do. If I could find somewhere in London that were competent I would get it done there.

    I have got a fixed/fixed hub so if I want a second gear I could add one but granted that is not the same as the convenience of the Sturmey conversion. I will probably just sell off the original components to someone that needs to get an old frame on the road.

    I may go for the adjustable Kalloy stem £15 on the net. I bought some dual pivot long drops and a Selfco 50 x 400mm seatpost 28.6 the other day.

    I am looking forward to getting it up and running as a fixed.

    Never thought I would own a folder but they are wonderful for integrated travel situations. I prefer the look of the Kingpin but the hinge on the Twenty looks more load bearing and rigid.