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Would you go back to find them?

PirahnaPirahna Posts: 1,315
edited September 2007 in Workshop
A pair of carbon forks fell out of my rucksack at 80 MPH (motorcycle) on the way home from work tonight. Is it worth going back to look for them in the morning?


  • Smokin JoeSmokin Joe Posts: 5,669
    I wouldn't even go back to look for a pair of reinforced tungsten forks if they had bounced down the road at 80mph, let alone carbon.

    Think of the fun you can have deciding which new ones to buy.
  • PirahnaPirahna Posts: 1,315
    They were brand new which is why I was debating going back to look for them. I'd been the proud owner for about 45 minutes. They also have my crown race on them so I'll have to spring for a new headset as well. It was on a bit of dual carriageway and I lost my workshirt at the same time. I did a loop round round to see if I could spot anything but even the shirt was nowhere to be seen, but it was dusk and tipping it down with rain at the time.

    Fatbirds have Reynolds Ouzo Pro at a silly price at the moment so I'll order a pair of those.
  • u were travlling @80mph?
    divine retribution :P
    Good Luck and Be Fecund
  • Smokin JoeSmokin Joe Posts: 5,669
    The chances of them lying on a dual carraigeway without getting mullered by a couple of thousand cars and trucks must be pretty remote. Going back to look and owning up that they are yours might get your teeth knocked out by a load of angry motorists with shards of carbon fibre poking through their tyres.
  • I'd accept that the forks would be mullered, but still go find them to retrieve the crown race if it was a decent headset
    Has the head wind picked up or the tail wind dropped off???
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I just hope they didnt hurt anyone ! I'd not fancy having those bounce thu the windscreen. Or even worse - front wheel on the bike.
  • John C.John C. Posts: 2,113
    Any one want to buy a pair of perfect carbon forks ? I found them on the side of the road .
    I would have cried, but then again I blub all the time. :(

    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
    Hills are just a matter of pace
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