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How do you rate these bikes?

spongey54spongey54 Posts: 3
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I currently own a heavily upgraded spesh hardrock but I'm looking for a full susser. I have been looking at 2 mongoose bikes the 2008 Otero super and 2008 Teocali comp but I have not seen any reviews for either. I am on a budget and the Teocali comp is on the limit but I just want to know how people rate these bikes and their spec.



  • nae mate if you are to get one of those two the teocali is great for the money. the otero is heavy and the forks are cack
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  • Last year, all of the variants of the Teocali got good reviews, the suspension system is good, if a little complicated, the spec is good for the price (on all of them), and I think the Elite (£1300 ish?) was a multiple award winner.
    The Otero? Not such good reviews.
    Having said that, i've ridden neither.
  • A full susser won't stop those embarrassing little falls on tiny descents, you know? :D

    It would help on the climbs you're gonna be walking up in Wales next weekend though.
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