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Urine storage and testing

dennisndennisn Posts: 10,523
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All this cycling doping talk has me asking more than a few questions. Can anyone help?

1. Just where in France is this Urine storage shed, so to speak?
2. Just how big is this place?
3. Does it smell like piss around there?
4. If it does, do the neighbors complain?
5. How many liters of pee can this place hold before it starts to overflow?
6. Is the building open for public tours? Free? or do they charge?
7. If it is, can we see the various "famous" samples? You know Lance, Floyd, etc.
8. Will these "famous" samples ever go on a world tour?
9. What is the name of this building and is urine in the name somehow?
10. Who is in charge of all this piss?
11. What is his or her title? "Foreman of the Pee" "Head piss Controller"
12. What kind of jobs are available there besides moping the floor and dusting off
the vials of bodily fluids?
13. Just how long do they or can you save a pee sample and whos sample is the oldest
one in the building?
14. When they get rid of a sample, if they do, do they just flush it down the toilet?
15. Is there a lot of paperwork involved before they can "flush" a sample?
16. Do they try to sop up and save a spilled sample?
17. Are they thinking of putting an pee storage addition on this building?
18. How many gallons or liters of "fluid" get sent there each year?

Dennis Noward
Toledo, Ohio


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    You really should get out more Dennis.
    By the way ,it's not too difficult to write piss
  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,523
    By the way ,it's not too difficult to write piss

    I did but the censors must have got hold of

    Dennis noward
    Toledo, ohio
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