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Help - Shimano saints and e.thirteen DRS

trevorfullertrevorfuller Posts: 36
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Firstly I'd like to nominate e.thirteen for worst instructins ever provided with a product.

Anyway, I need some help. I've just purchased the final parts for my new bike and can't figure out how to mount the e.thriteen drs with the saint crankset I brought.

The Problme:

Here's my saint crank, with the BB cup pressed all the way on into it's final position.


Notice how flush the inner chainwheel is to the BB cup edge.

Next - Here's the e.thriteen ISCG adapter that I brought - There are no instructions with this. It is 2.5mm thich designed to take the place of the BB spacer normally used. And it only fits against the BB cup one way.

If it is put on the other way it won't lay flush against the BB cup as it hits agianst the inner chain wheel first (not to mention this would stop the chain laying on teh wheel properly)

So so far, it seems that there is only one way it all fits.

However, here's the problem. If I now screw the BB cup into the BB with teh ISCG as the spacer, ther eis no room between teh ISCG and the inner chainwheel to attach the rest of the device to.

What am I diong wrong? Have I just wasted £120?

Any and all help here is appreciated, as I've got a whole weekend of nothing to do without your help.

I'm mounting this all onto a Rocky Mountain Slayer frame, which is compatable according to e.thirteens website. I just can't figure it out...


  • Gah! Never mind. e.thirteen got back to me

    There a re a couple issues here.
    DRS systems are direct mount only and cannot be mounted using adapters that is why they don't come with the guide kit.
    You are most likely trying to mount the I-05 DRS when you should be using the ISCG-OLD DRS. The I-05 DRS is direct mount to I-05 chainguide tabs only.
    The ISCG-OLD DRS backplate mounts directly between the BB and shell, no adapter required.

    So that's good. However why wasn;'t this information available before I sepnt the money on the wrong kit? Here's an extract from my reply in the hope that others don't wast £50 like me.

    I looked at your website closely before purchasing my DRS

    The "Guide Picker" on the website told me I needed the DRS system (but didn't specify the ISCG 05 or OLD)

    The 2006 Fit Chart showing "A list of frames and 2006 guide models that fit them" shows my frame is compatible with the 2006 fit models. Again, didn't specify the 05 or the OLD model, just the DRS.

    Being unable to find anything about the difference in the 05 or OLD styles (other than 1 is for the 05 ISCG standard and one is for the pre-05 ISCG standard) listed at the website I buy them from, and because my frame was listed on the 2006 compatible list, I assumed I needed the 05 kit, which I brought.

    I soon realised that as my frame didn't have ISCG mounts, so I checked your website again and found the ISCG adapters which are for (I quote from your web page) "Mounting a chain retention system on any frame without ISCG tabs." - So I brought one of these, and I am now being told that even with the adapter that allows "Mounting a chain retention system on any frame without ISCG tabs." it still won't work and I need to purchase the OLD ISCG back plate.

    The DRS looks like it will work fantastically well, and I am eagerly awaiting trying it. I just wish there had been a better guide to which chainguide to buy for different bottom brackets - it would have made this so easy. I have now spent £99 on the DRS, a further £25 on the ISCG adapter to "Mounti a chain retention system on any frame without ISCG tabs." (which isn't the case for the DRS even tho it doesn't state this), and I now have to spend a further £33 on a new backplate.

    The DRS kit has now cost me £150, where it would have only cost me £99 if there had have been less misleading information on your website. Hopefully this constructive criticism will be taken on board so more people don't have the same expensive and time consuming problems that I have had.

    So meh. No biking for me this weekend.
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