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Reign Zero or Feul EX8

giantjasongiantjason Posts: 89
edited October 2007 in MTB buying advice
I am purchasing a new bike and have narrowed my list down to either a Giant Reign Zero 2007 or Trek Fuel EX8 2008.

I have been to my LBS and tried them both out and they feel just as good as each other.

My LBS is offering a good deal on the Giant which brings it to approx the same cost as the Trek.

I mainly do XC at the minute but am hoping to get out onto some proper mountains in Wales/Lakes/Peaks.

Has anyone purchased these bikes and if so what are their thoughts?


  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    i would probably go for the giant might be better for when in the mountains if there are a few jumps/drops..
  • I have an 06 Reign frameset with 07 Talas 36 RC2's, which I have custom built to my own spec. It is a real blast and I would seriously recommend it to anyone looking for a 6inch frame. The only thing that I would say, is once you have bonded with the Reign, get the rear can out and send it off to TF Tuned for a Push upgrade and fettling to optimise the bounce !
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