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Helmet vs handle bar lights? Benefits?

dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
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I've a fair idea of what's available out there for lights but one thing I'm wondering is what are the benefits of either handlebar mounted or helmet mounted lights.
I'm swaying towards a helmet one as it shines where you look not where the bars are. so why get a bar mounted light?
For riding on the road do you need a bar mounted light or is helmet ok and I take it proper mtb lights are fine for road use - I'm thinking of them being too bright and in drivers eyes?


  • A lighter helmet, better crash resistance?, lots of moving around when you might want the light focused ahead of the bike?

    Just to name a few imo.
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  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    I use both types (head and bar mount) as for being too bright, make sure its properly aimed and you should be ok. IMO its better to be too bright anyway- hopefully it will make drivers more aware of you. Most (good) bar mount lights are brighter than headmounted ones, so you should consider using both types.
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  • I use bar mounted lights as at the moment I tend to only commute with them on the road and a fair amount on fire-roads. If I venture off-road on singletrack then on the twisty turny sections there is moments of darkness from when you look at the corner to when your bars actually turn into it. Also every time you move your bars sharply (as in around roots, rocks etc) you will lose the light as it darts off to the side.

    In an ideal wordl I would use both bar and helmet mount.
    If you need to fettle in the middle of the dark woods at least with a helmet light you can see what you are doing, hands free.

    Get both!
  • Yes i think thats going to be what I do. Get something like the exposure joystick maxx for the bars and then a petzl for my head. round price of £200 and i won't need the petzl all the time - only on sharp turns/looking away from the track - so it doesn't need to be too strong. sounds like a plan.
  • Sir HCSir HC Posts: 20,148
    For offroad use I've have a Lumicyle 20Watt Mid mounted to my bars and then a Petzyl Myo XP mounted to my helmet. Plenty of light, for fire road sections I tend to switch the lumicycle off to conserve burn time.

    For road/commuting, I just use the Lumicycle with a glowring.
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  • sorry sir hc - whats a glowring? but yes thats the style i'm going to go for.
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