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Hardcore Bike Company

mattnazmattnaz Posts: 2
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Well to start i have a Hardcore DSVD 5.0 frame and....well i cant seem to find anything about them anywhere apart from on the odd forum where people say they have them.

Then the other day i was riding at my local skag and my mate said theyve bought out a new frame that looks like a giant.

Anyone no anything?


  • What I learned from a Google search on "Hardcore DSVD"...

    1. It is indeed the name of a bike frame from a fairly obscure manufacturer.
    2. DSVD is also some sort of video format.
    3. Searching for the word "Hardcore" in combination with a video format should be done with extreme caution. :shock:

    I'm off to bleach my brain now.
    Even if the voices aren't real, they have some very good ideas.
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